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The workshop begins with the opening of the body and warming-up, for which we use different systems of games through which we can enable a fusion of different approaches to movement and dance. This series of exercises are focused on awakening and raising awareness of potential physical capabilities, concentration, opening up the sensory levels which include the experience of space and the experience of the moment, and assists the creation of common situations. Through numerous physical contact techniques we use improvisation as a model for something that will happen unexpectedly, and this unknown primarily depends on cooperation with others. The goal is to open perception. 

Our approach to all the participants is the same, regardless of their age (6-106). From working on the personal physical material, we look at the situation from the compositional point of view, creating a new common situation, open up numerous possibilities for communication.

Saturday 6th July 11:00h - EPFCA

Sunday 7th July 11:00h – EPFCA


Sanja Tropp Frühwald, studied Contemporary Dance and Choreography on the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). In 2007 she founded VRUM Performing Arts Collective Croatia and since then she realized more then 20 author work productions which are co-produced and performed internationally. Sanja Tropp Frühwald was selected as a Croatian representative on a Biennale of young artists of Europe and Mediterranean in 2005 in Naples, Italy. In 2007 she participated as a member of the scholarship program DanceWEB in the frame of Impulstanz Vienna. In her position as an Artist and Artistic Leader of VRUM and the yearly festival Dani Suvremenog Plesa Varaždin established in year 2009. She is a member of important networks like Generator, Nomad Dance Academy and Young Dance Network. Between 2012 – 2014 she was a resident artist of European project FRESH TRACKS EUROPE – a project dedicated to development of contemporary dance art for young audience. She also is the initiator and coordinator of the first Croatian network for development of contemporary dance for young audiences, called KLIKER, established 2013.
At the moment she is based both in Zagreb (Croatia) and Vienna (Austria) working as a performer, choreographer, director, programmer, producer and a dance pedagogue in the field of contemporary dance art. A majority of her work is dedicated to artistic innovation in the field of dance for young audience, audience development and intergenerational community work.


¿What are the rules of the game of at DANCE PERFORMANCE?

What makes a spectator watch a performance from beginning till end? How does the dancer evolve? What are the rules of the game? To dance is to play. Our tools are time, space, energy and the body. How to read the dance that we create? How to share, how to step into a process without knowing the results in advance? A clear frame and a lot of inspiration is required.With exercises that demand creativity we examine ourselves, create and communicate in dance and movement.

De Stilte

De Stilte wants children to move from the concrete world of the everyday to the abstract world of the senses. Our organization wants to stimulate children's self-awareness, but does not want to explain. Our organization wants children to feel and taste art. Recognition is a very important issue when we talk about our performances. When children recognize their own feelings and experience their own imagination, the performances are accessible. This is what our dance company wants to achieve. Children who don't play will never learn, our dance company wants to stimulate children's imagination, so they can play more and tell their own story, the story of imagination.

Sábado 6 de julio 11:00h –  Centro Federico García Lorca

Domingo 7 de julio 11:00h – Centro Federico García Lorca

Jack Timmermans

Jack Timmermans began teaching at the Mikojel Academy in Sittard in 1979. Simultaneously, he begins his four-year career at Danserscollectief where he dances and choreographies in a collective of four young professional dancers. In 1987, he accepted a scholarship at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, creating multiple choreographies for his students in the departments of jazz dance, expressionist dance theatre, expression dance and folkloric dance. Jack Timmermans decided to reduce his work as a teacher and expand his activities as a freelance choreographer, and in 1994 he created his own company, De Stilte. With his second show, he realizes his affinity for children and young people.
Jack Timmermans decided to reduce his work as a teacher and expand his activities as a freelance choreographer, and in 1994 he created his own company, De Stilte. With his second show, he realizes his affinity for children and young people.

“Ever since I was just a little child I have experienced imagination – both my own as well as that of others - as my salvation. I heartily wish that kind of imagination for every child in the world.”


Dramaturgy in dance for young audiences

 A hammer, a saw, some files and a lot of sandpaper. And Gaffa tape, of course. Which tools do you need as a dramaturg for dance for a young audience? How does a dramaturg support production processes, starting from first ideas going through phases of concept development, research, rehearsals, reflection, artistic crisis, premiere, presentation and again reflection. Which different kind of definitions of a dramaturg exist in the field of dance for young audiences? What´s the difference between a dramaturg in an institution and a production dramaturg? How do dramaturgs define their profession and how do they implant this in the working field?

Questions like this and thoughts about formats, finding words for movement languages, participation, risks and responsibility, taboos, uncomfortable and safe spaces will come up in this workshop.

Saturday 6th July 10:00h –  EPFCA Granada

Sunday 7th July 10:00h –  EPFCA Granada

Copyright Foto: Katja Illner


Mijke Harmsen *1981, Renkum (NL), studied art and art politics (Groningen/NL) and Theatre Sciences (Antwerpen/BE). Since Februar 2014 she works as a dramaturg at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf and as a coordinator of the project „Take-off: Junger Tanz”. In these functions she invites guest performances, hosts coproduction’s for young audiences and develops cooperation formats with schools and other cultural institutions.

She replaced the thinking in strict age-labeling by two series, called „Little monsters“ (performances for children) and „Melancholy and muscles” (performances for teenagers) and put a strong focus on resonation spaces around the performances for the young spectators. In festivals and think-tank´s like “You´re a cyborg, but that´s ok”, „You´re invited, if that´s ok?“ or “The Octopus Project”, she deals with complex topics coming from the everyday lives of the young audience. Also she developed different formats in which children and teenagers are involved in artistic processes or develop their own concepts and work. Copyright Foto: Katja Illner Copyright Foto: Katja Illner






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