Programming I International Congress of Dance for Young Audiences

En UN ÉclAt 

a k entrepôt (Francia) +2 años

FRIDAY 5th – Centro Federico García Lorca 20:30h

A white set. Immaculate.
A playground.
Here stands a woman, a dancer, white haired.
This white space is hers. This white space is hers. She is moving quietly, slowly; she has time, a lot of time.
The first move comes from a boy; he is a dancer as well.
He appears out of nowhere.
And the meeting between these two ages takes shape and comes to life.
Slowly because the woman, the eldest, has time; Clumsily, because the young, greedy boy is impatient.
The two bodies are facing, testing each other, and using one another's energy, one another’s precision.
The red brush strokes are gaining space. The ones designed by the woman are flowing, and the ones made by the boy are passionate and spirited.
They look at each other. Each one tells their story, each one learns and gradually, the white succumbs to the red.
The woman touches, lets the childhood motions return.
The boy, softly, releases those moves so he may grow up.
en UN éclat, es el encuentro en un espacio blanco, inmaculado entre dos conocimientos, dos momentos, dos cuerpos, dos recuerdos.


















Ain’t Misbehaving (dancing in a living room filled with secrets )

De Stilte (Holanda) +6 years old


All in all, dinner can be a true drag. Such a nuisance, such a mess, such a racket. Finish your plate, stop playing with your food, leaving the table every other minute and then, wait? What? The children have altogether disappeared. Away, vanished! Hiding somewhere in the house… Good fun and excitement for the kids, but a nightmare for mom and dad. And as they try to track down their children, the two parents find themselves lost. In desperation, they take a leap of faith. The outcome is quite surprising. As can be expected from de Stilte. For this occasion, the Dutch company teamed up with internationally acclaimed composers Jeroen van Vliet and Mete Erker to create a dance performance that has parents reconsider, who’s misbehaving?

Ain’t misbehaving  trata sobre lo que los niños experimentan durante esos breves momentos en que escapan de la atención de sus padres; acerca de la aventura de explorar tu propia casa con la imaginación. Los niños consiguen eso y cualquier padre que aún recuerde sus días de infancia también lo apreciará.

For this occasion, the Dutch company teamed up with acclaimed composers Jeroen van Vliet and Mete Erker to create a dance show that makes us rethink who is really behaving badly.

Choreography: Jack Timmermans

Animation: Afterlight

Music: Jeroen van Vliet and Mete Erker

Costumes: Joost van Wijmen

Lighting design: Pink Steenvoorden

Danza: Chris Havner / Femke Somerwil / Wiktoria Czakon / Orlando Mardenborough



Company Chameleon (Inglaterra) +9 years old

SUNDAY 7th – ESPACIO CALLE  21:00h / 22:30h

Using a highly physical movement language, text and humour, Witness This, is ground-breaking and socially relevant, drawing on Kevin’s own emotional journey and the experiences of family and friends to focus on how witnesses (Benjamin, Fapohunda and Macieira) experience the mental illness of someone close.  Touching, sad, funny and absurd, this brave outdoor choreography from Company Chameleon features a rich mix of dance and movement styles, with athletic lifts, dynamic movements and moments of fragility and sensitivity representing the physical support the three witnesses provide for each other and the sufferer himself.   

Company Chameleon uses an engaging and athletic movement vocabulary which blends contemporary and urban dance styles to tackle human and personal issues in insightful and inspiring productions of dance theatre.

Choreography: Kevin Edward Turner

Music: Miguel Marin

Suit: Emma Bailey

Playwright: Andrew Loretto

Performers: Kevin Edward Turner, Theo Fapohunda, David Colley and Juliana Javier Witness.















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